About Us



Internationally recognized as the “Original House of Comedy” for more than 20 years, The Laff House comedy club is, and will always be one of America’s “go to” places for everything comedy. From its humble beginnings on South Street in Philadelphia, PA, The Laff House has become internationally renowned for delivering just the right mix of both well-known and newly emerging talents. 

Staying apace with technological advances, The Laff House has evolved behind the curtain into a house of laughter which globally connects with the world via YouTube, Facebook, and other video streaming platforms. “Quality comedy” is a timeless art, and as technology evolves, so does greater opportunities for The Laff House to continue bringing multiple platforms for comic artists to deliver the “right dose of funny”.  

It’s A New Day to Generate excitement


The Laff House, Philadelphia’s legendary comedy club has returned strong with live comedy shows beginning with the show “Welcome to the Fellowship” on August 25, 2018. Shows will be held bi-weekly until October and then we will begin with weekly shows again. In November, we will be holding the dynamic “Philadelphia Comedy Festival”.  

Also, we are working in collaboration with “Fun Times Magazine”, charting a new direction of comedy through ventures such as “The Fresh Faces of Comedy”, “Love and Laffter” and “The Laff House Presents the Introduction” beginning in this area, and then spreading beyond. “…the Introduction” is a TV show currently running on local TV. 

Lets Close the deal


We are providing another side of Urban Comedy; the side where true talent and humor are given the opportunity to shine without all the “F” bombs. We are  giving comic artists a chance, that wouldn’t otherwise have a legitimate platform to show their skills; and we are reaching out to artists of all genders and ages, from teens to more mature. 

The Laff House Founder, Rod Millwood, popularly called “Mr. Rod”, is back with exciting ideas on revitalizing Philly’s comedy scene. His experience and abilities will be the backbone to the success of The Laff House for many years to come.